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We, at Venue Painting are indulged in rendering world-class property painting services in Singapore. Our wide ranges of painting services includes Interior painting, Exterior painting, Momento painting, Colour consulting, and lots more. Over the past 15 years, we have been delivering supreme painting services to all types of homes, offices, and shops from interior to exterior ends with top-quality. We specialize in white wash and colour painting of walls from every corner of property with perfection. To make all the painting jobs done, we have a team of highly professional and skilled painters and white washing experts of the industry. They have immense experience in painting of all types of properties from exterior to interior with quality.

Our Services

High quality painting involves more than simply slapping down a few coats of paints; it requires close attention to details along with skilled and professional hand.

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Our Services

We belive in giving promotional offers to our customers so that they get best value for their money and thereby staying ahead of the competetion. Please click on the button below to check our latest promotional offers.

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venue Painting

At Venue Painting, other than painting services we also provide a number of other services like interior designing for home and offices, reinstatement works, electrical and lighting works and many more home and office improvement services.

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Interior Painting

Venue Painting endows high quality interior painting services in Singapore for homes, offices, shops, and other properties with best quality. For this, we have a team of professional painters, who are aware of how to perform quality painting works at interior end of property. They use high quality paints other painting attributes to give a stunning look to interior of the villa.

Our interior painting cost is also affordable and lies under the budget. Moreover, we offer the best interior painting packages at different costs. Under such packages, we paint interior parts of property at different levels and corners of home and office.

Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting services are also high-class and affordable. In this service, we paint every exterior end of home and office with supreme quality. For this, our painters use premium quality paints that will be effective against rain, sun, UV rays, and other environmental effects.

Momento Painting

Our momento painting services are also reliable and cost-effective. It includes high quality painting of momentos and gives them a stunning look and shine. We have talented momento painters, who can paint momentos brilliantly and make them fully bright once again. For this, they use high quality paints in varied colors having specific effects like pearl, elegant, silver, gold, etc.

Other Services

Our miscellaneous painting services in Singapore include a wide variety of activities such as interior designing, plumbing works, flooring services, tilling work, carpet installation, partition works, and much more. To manipulate all such services, we have a skilled manpower of experienced painters, plumbers, interior designers, etc. They have vital experience in all such works and can also provide customized services for the same as per the clients’ requirement.

Our current interior
painting promotional packages

HDB Promotional Painting Package (Single colour)
HDB Starter Package Easywash Package Odorless All-in-One Package
2BR (3 Room) 550 650 750
3BR (4 Room) 650 750 900
4BR (5 Room) 850 950 1050
Executive Flats 950 1100 1200
Mansionatte 1050 1200 1350
HDB Promotional Painting Package (Multi colour)
HDB Starter Package Easywash Package Odorless All-in-One Package
2BR (3 Room) 750 850 950
3BR (4 Room) 850 900 1000
4BR (5 Room) 1000 1100 1200
Executive Flats 1150 1250 1300
Mansionatte 1200 1350 1450
Condominium Promotional painting Packages Single colour
Condominium Starter Package Easywash Package Odorless All-in-One Package
2BR (3 Room) 600 750 900
3BR (4 Room) 950 1050 1250
4BR (5 Room) 1150 1250 1350
Condominium Promotional painting Packages
Condominium Starter Package Easywash Package Odorless All-in-One Package
2BR (3 Room) 800 950 1050
3BR (4 Room) 1050 1100 1200
4BR (5 Room) 1250 1300 1400