Our reinstatement works

We are a professional reinstatement services providers for a successful handover.We understand the building requirements related to reinstatement works, follows standards of reinstatement works, and can manage any kind, type or scale of reinstatement works professionally. We serve all types of premises and our reinstatement services are consists of hacking or any add-on, dismantling of assemblies, disposal of trash and minor/major touch up along with relevant painting works. Our Reinstatement and restoration service generally consists of following steps:

  • Hacking and demolitions of all false walls, partitions, block walls and drywalls.
  • Reinstatement work for all partitions and false ceilings.
  • Hacking of tiles, removal of laminations, removal of vinyl and parquet flooring, along with wall finishes and reinstatement works.
  • Removal and disposal of all requested add-ons fixtures and fittings .
  • Electrical and plumbing removal, inclusive of termination and reinstatement of air conditioning, telephone line and pipes, electrical lines and pipes, sprinkle pipes, ducts etc.
  • Removal and disposal of glazing, doors, grills, windows, hoardings, temporary reinforced structures, light weight structures, steels or aluminium structures etc.
  • Final major/minor touch ups along with reinstatement of paint works to original conditions.
  For this we serve all types and all kinds of premises inclusive of offices, shops, malls, malls shops, shop houses, warehouse and factories, restaurants, landed and non-landed residential properties, showrooms, show flats, and all other types of commercial properties.
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